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#TuesdayTip: “What color should I paint my walls!?”

#TuesdayTip: “What color should I paint my walls!?”

It’s #TipTuesday!

Today’s #TuesdayTip is about choosing paint colors…

“Should I paint my walls a neutral color?”

We are often asked about aesthetics and what can be done to make a home appeal to everyone. One of our frequently asked questions is, “What color should I paint my walls?” There is not one correct answer to this question - but with some color psychology, you can get a better idea of what colors will help your home feel more inviting to the majority of potential buyers. Everyone reacts to colors differently. A bright yellow room may scare a child but bring joy to an adult. A room painted green may trigger happiness for one person but disgust for someone else. Advertisers often use colors to trigger their audiences. We can’t make everyone happy with our color choices, but we can try to appeal to the majority. Stick with light, neutral colors to keep rooms looking clean and spacious. A primer can cover any dirt, stains and dated color schemes you may be looking to conceal. Try to focus on the first room buyers enter. If painting all the rooms in your home isn’t feasible, be sure to paint those rooms that are too bright and those that aren’t gender neutral. As much as it pains you, it would be advised to paint your princess’s pink room a neutral color. Buyers need to picture themselves living in your home with their personal items. The orange accent wall that goes with your couch pillows may not work with their belongings.

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Perhaps you need help sourcing paint colors (which is what lead you to this blog)… Or maybe you love what we did at a previous stage! From furniture sourcing and placement, to paint colors and fixtures, we provide a variety of services to help make your new house feel like a home (or your old home feel refreshed!)

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