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Have you ever walked into a home that just oozes with interest? Most of the time, compelling spaces are a conglomeration of curated items, maybe from travel or childhood, thrift stores or antique malls. But almost every time, there is a healthy mix of handmade, artisan pieces. Handmade items really add soul to a space. They were born out of someone's imagination, after all, and that energy definitely shines through.

Today we've rounded up a few of our favs as of late - equal parts eye-candy and cool - so you can sprinkle some artisanal elements into your abode. Plus, they're all local! Supporting small businesses, and our communities, in times like these goes a long way. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats.

I LOVE the clean simplicity of of Cara Taylor's work. Her forms are organic, sophisticated, and would enhance any space, but they'd look particularly great in a minimalist abode. In Cara's words, "The surfaces of my wares are simple ranging from matte white to a clear gloss to unglazed and textural. These classic finishes allow for the emphasis to be on elements such as shape, texture and very subtle hints of color." Beauty in simplicity. I couldn't agree more.

Steve lived in a monastery in Japan for 3 years, and is always working to understand the relationship between function and form. This mug has me drooling over the matte black exterior and earthy-green interior, plus all the texture and finish variations. These vessels would be as equally at home holding coffee or tea, as they would farmhouse ale on a stylish Thanksgiving table.

The breezy color palette of these little dishes is sooooooo lovely. I could see them stacked high in a beach cottage, ready to make their debut at cocktail hour, filled with olives and mixed nuts. They would also be just lovely scattered about the house holding shells or little tea lights that smell like salt water.

I also love the little embossing on the underside. Little details like those are so fun to find and really elevate the product.

I NEED THIS MUG FOR MY MUG COLLECTION! My birthday is Groundhog's Day. Someone please make a note of it. The eye insignia and the glazing is very boho-chic, and a grouping of these would look so amazing on some open shelving in the kitchen.

"It is my intention to create pots that are shared among friends, that are welcome at your table and invited to take part in your daily conversations," Tiffany says. Well this piece is certainly a lovely conversation starter, and I for one can't wait to start chatting.

I love the hand-made charm of Tilla's designs - they have a modern-folk vibe that's both fun and elegant. That little pitcher would be stunning filled to the brim with cut flowers from the garden, and those little cat plates would make a great jewelry dish on a bedside table. Better yet, what a fun surprise it would be to discover a feline face under a bar of soap in the bathroom!

My inner moon goddess is a sucker for astrological items, and a serving platter is no exception. How amazing would it be to whip this out for your backyard soiree under the stars? What's even cooler is that SuzaLuna can personalize each piece, so you can get a Gemini-themed present for your sister and a Leo-themed one for your bestie, and side-step any gift-giving hard feelings. Sounds pretty stellar to me!

You don't have to spend a ton of money, or travel too far, to curate a beautiful and interesting space. Your local community can be a great resource for connecting with artisans that really speak to you. They say you should surround yourself with people who inspire you. Shouldn't the things you are surrounded by inspire you as well?

Are you a local artist or know one worth checking out? Tag us on Instagram @KLHHomeStaging and @TheFreshmakerDesign so we can get to know each other!

- Stacey Martin (AKA The Freshmaker) is the Interior Design Lead

at KLH Home Staging. Visit her @TheFreshmakerDesign

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