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I don't know about you, but this streak of warm weather has me itching to transform my tired outdoor space. A mix of Freecycle and curbside furniture, it is a far cry from the enchanting, magical oasis I have been imagining since we moved in five years ago. You read that right - FIVE. Needless to say, it's time to roll up my sleeves and create an inviting space to host all those backyard craft cocktails nights I plan to have, once this whole thing is over.

I love me some rock n' roll chic on the inside, but the Vermont hippie in me wants an outside space that feels welcoming and chill, organic and inviting. So today I've rounded up 6 of my favorite Boho outdoor seating options, that are surprisingly chic for their even more surprising price points!

Nothing says Boho like a pretty macramé chair hammock! I can just imagine the tassels blowing in a warm breeze. Place two of these side by side and have the perfect spot for a sunset cocktail with a bff. And at $57.99, you can afford to buy a pair!

If you don't have a spot to hang these from above, you can purchase a chair hammock stand.

I am in love with the cool, lounge-y vibe of these sling chairs. Since they can be folded up and stored away, Sling Chairs are a great outdoor option if you are short on space. As for this beauty, she's fully customizable! Since the fabric on this chair is printed, you can choose from a variety of patterns to suit your exact look and feel.

Let's face it - no boho outdoor space would be fully complete without a breezy, beautiful hammock. The seaside colors of this gem gently whisper, "MaiTai and chill." I love the summery feel of this hammock, but Etsy has some great options as well, if you're looking for a more natural color way.

Another favorite outdoor choice of mine is the Rattan Chair. With their light and airy construction, they just channel island breezes and tropical weather. I swear I can hear a ukulele play just by looking at them. Rattan chairs can run the gamut in price, but this one, also from Anthropologie, is surprisingly affordable considering that some chairs cost well over $200. Throw a patterned accent pillow on there and boom - a cheery lounge spot to soak up the summer sun.

This lovely little number from Ikea ticks both the "price" and "pretty" boxes. At $79 a piece, you could have a few of them clustered around a fire pit or a little cocktail table. There's also a high-backed version and a rocking chair version, depending on the vibe you're going for.

Hopefully you are as inspired as I am to go and get your outdoor groove on! I know there are several options in here that are going straight into my online shopping cart. Be sure to follow @TheFreshmakerDesign on Instagram to see all my outdoor space before-and-afters, and tag us so we can see yours! In the meantime, here's a little Hawaiian music to get you in the mood. Aloha!

- Stacey Martin (AKA The Freshmaker) is the Interior Design Lead

at KLH Home Staging. Visit her @TheFreshmakerDesign

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