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#TuesdayTip: How to Create a Staged “Moment”

It’s #TipTuesday!

Today’s #TuesdayTip is about staging moments

What do I mean by “moment?”

Moments are a bit extra… But, in the right spaces, necessary! Moments are additional staged spaces (within an already staged room) that create a second focus and set a desirable mood for buyers.

Think of moments as little bonus scenes – such as the corner desk or reading nook in an already staged bedroom.

To create the right mood, consider staging small moments around a light source… Use a variety of textures and stick to a certain color scheme… If you’re going to add a “pop” of color, make sure it’s cohesive with the rest of the space, if not the entire home, and don’t go overboard… Just one “pop” is enough.

These moments are intended to feel inviting… You’re creating a scene in which potential buyers literally want to insert themselves.

What would you find in a space that would make you never want to leave? That’s the feeling we’re going for!

Remember to arrange accessories in odd numbers of varying heights and keep any content neutral... Nothing political or religious!

Let’s take a look at some examples…

1. The Reading Nook

Not all bedrooms are perfect squares… or rectangles! Some bedrooms have a little extra corner space and a typical bedroom set-up just isn’t enough – that corner just feels empty and it needs a little something! Insert the cozy reading nook…

2. The Corner Desk

And for those bedrooms with more than enough space, consider the corner desk…

3. The Exercise Space

Because who doesn’t love a home gym? Create a space for the yoga lovers! It doesn't take more than a yoga mat, exercise ball, a set of weights and a few freshly rolled white towels...

4. The Staged Closet

While a walk-in closet can typically sell itself, adding a few accessories doesn’t hurt! Show potential buyers just how great that walk-in closet can look…

5. The Entryway/Foyer

While the typical staged foyer may feature a bench, mirror and greenery… Why not add a few more details? For example, this property was located near a popular dog park… Perfect opportunity to add some accessories for dog lovers! Insert leash, brush and treats!

6. The Kid’s Corner

While some may think the twin beds and one side table in this kid’s bedroom is enough… The corner table sets a second cozy scene that potential buyers just want to insert themselves – or in this case, their kids – right into. What kiddo doesn’t need a corner table space to color or play games?

Same goes for this tween staged bedroom… While the bedroom set-up itself may be enough, the staged closet creates a cohesive look and the addition of the desk creates a space where any preteen would want to get their homework done!

Thanks for reading!

Circle back next Tuesday for more home staging tips

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