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Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Bathroom

Let’s talk a bit more about bathrooms!

More specifically: Dated bathrooms!

While it’s not as difficult to stage newer or recently updated bathrooms – dated bathrooms are another story.

Let’s talk about a few easy and inexpensive ways to update your bath! (Now, I’ll admit – I haven’t tried all of these – so I made sure to also include some additional tutorials that are very well reviewed!)

1. Old grout? Paint it!

Painting grout is an amazingly cheap and easy way to update your bathroom floor… And, it requires very little skill. Using a small paint brush – seriously, like a child’s paint brush is fine! – simply apply the paint to the grout lines, rub off any excess and you’re done! (Allow at least 2-3 hours to dry.) Plus, a bottle of grout paint and sealer is very inexpensive! (Consider Bright White Grout Renew Colorant by Polybend)

Have I tried this one? Yes!

2. Paint the floor!

While this project may take several days, it can make a huge transformation in your bathroom! It does require priming the floor, painting it a solid color, possibly stenciling a pattern, then applying several topcoats. While reported to hold up great, keep in mind that other bloggers have reported that bathmats with a nonslip grip underneath can damage the paint job!

Have I tried this one? Nope! (But I want to!)

3. Replace the hardware on your vanity.

Well, this takes just a few minutes and at a minimal cost! Replacing the hardware on your bathroom vanity is a great way to achieve an updated look! Tired, shiny gold pulls can be traded for soft, brushed nickel pulls.

Have I tried this one? (Of course!)

4. Paint the vanity base.

Painting the vanity base is easy if you know how to do it! You’ll want to empty out the bathroom completely and start with some light sanding, followed by a coat of primer then at least two coats of paint! Even light sanding creates quite a mess… So a big clean to follow is important so you don’t paint over any dust! (It looks awful if you do!)

Have I tried this one? Yes!

5. Replace the vanity top (and maybe the faucet, too?)

Replacing the vanity top is a great choice if it’s dated. Changing from a bisque colored vanity top to a crisp white will give the impression the entire vanity has been updated. More likely than not, you’ll also want to replace the faucet… It’s most likely also dated (and has years of grime!). Just imagine the bathroom transformation if you change the vanity top, painted the base and swapped out the faucet!

Have I tried this one? Nope! I chose to keep my vanity top because it was a simple, white ceramic top. But you know I changed out the faucet!

6. Reface the cabinet doors.

So, this one does require some tools… But even if you have to purchase tools to complete this DIY project, it’s still a very easy and economical way to update your bathroom!

Refacing cabinet doors on your vanity can give a tired, outdated cabinet (with great bones) new life! Older cabinets were made pretty well and have really stood the test of time regarding durability and water resistance! But the style of door or even the wood color can really date the bathroom.

Refacing the doors does require a few strips of wood or molding, some wood glue, clamps and a saw box…

Here’s a link with some very detailed instructions if you want to give it a try:

Have I tried this one? Yes! (Just not in the bathroom!)

7. The bathroom mirror.

There are a few options here! You could just replace the mirror altogether… Or you could frame your current mirror! It actually doesn’t require a lot of materials!

Here’s a great tutorial:

Give it a try! (I opted just to replace my mirror!)

8. The toilet… Specifically, the seat.

I really should have made this number one on the list… Please, if your toilet is dated, at least change the toilet seat. It’s easy! Using gloves, remove the nuts from the bottom and the back part of the toilet and simply pull the toilet seat off. Attach the new seat and you’re done. Just remember that there are two styles of toilet seats – round and elongated. Make sure you purchase the correct one. (I am totally guilty and embarrassed to admit I bought a round toilet seat cover when I needed an elongated one… Also, it’s difficult to replace a used toilet seat. Take note, friends.)

9. Change the shower head.

This is a really easy way to bring new life into a dated shower! And it’s not that hard or costly! Consider chrome, brushed nickel of venetian bronze. Any of these finishes will update a sad shower.

10. Build a decorative tub side!

This has been on my to-do list for years! (Guilty!) You’re basically building yourself a custom tub – and it creates a focal point in your bathroom! It requires a little bit more than wood, caulk and paint… And it’s a bit trickier than some of the other DIY projects on this list.

Here’s a well-reviewed tutorial:

Have I tried this one? Nope! But you know I will… Maybe today!

11. Paint

Alright, painting rooms is boring. But painting your bathroom a fresh white will make your bathroom feel clean and new again! Just do it!

12. Update the vanity light fixture.

Changing the vanity light isn’t too hard! Just be sure to turn off the power to the light from the breaker before you start! Every light fixture you purchase will come with installation instructions! (Feeling uneasy? Just hire an electrician!)

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Abigail Halal

Project Manager, Home Stager

KLH Home Staging


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