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Day 6 of Shelter and Stage with KLH - Today's Focus: The Office!

It’s Day 6 of Shelter and Stage with KLH!

Let’s talk about staging office spaces.

If you had asked me just a few weeks ago if it was more important to stage that spare room as an office or a guest bedroom, I probably would have told you a guest bedroom.

However, is there any room more important than the home office these days?

If you’re staging your home over the next few months, and you’re trying to gear if you should stage a spare room as an office or guest room – definitely go with the home office.

I’m sure all of us are wishing we actually had more than one home office right now! Unfortunately, for the majority of us, I foresee a lot of working at home and not a lot of hosting of guests.

Lucky for us, staging an office is a much simpler process than a bedroom.

The goal is to tone down personality and declutter!

You only need to keep the essentials: desk, chair, bookshelf and potentially an area rug.

Here in the office, the area rug anchors the space and makes it feel warmer… But beware the oversized rug; you don’t want potential buyers to think you’re hiding damaged or dated floors. (Unless you are. In that case, consider a larger rug.)

Remove any unnecessary knickknacks and the actual “work” associated with the office… Your staged office should actually have no paper!

Staged office spaces frequently require decluttering… We’re showcasing this room as tidy!

Consider hanging a neutral piece of art behind the desk.

Paint your walls a neutral color; whites, creams and beiges are your friend.

Now, what should you actually place on the desk? Well, try to keep it to a minimum of three to five objects. What do we recommend? A desk lamp, a book, a laptop and a small plant. Maybe a decorative paperweight? Less is more!

You also can’t go wrong with a tall plant in the corner! We love bringing life into any room, but especially an office space!

If the office space you are staging is large, consider staging a bedroom/office hybrid. Perhaps a small day bed or even a twin could fit in this space, as well? If so, keep the bedding neutral and the furniture at a minimum. Next to the bed, you really only need a side table, side lamp and perhaps a small plant. The goal is to liven up the place rather than clutter it with small objects that actually will not photograph well.

Want one-on-one assistance?

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Abigail Halal

Project Manager, Home Stager

KLH Home Staging


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