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HAPPY EASTER, friends! Stacey here. On Friday I shared one of my favorite (and simple!) go-to tips for making your home feel put together and stylish – decanting! Decanting items really is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your space. Now that we’re spending so much more time at home, having a space that brings joy is more important than ever. So today I'm sharing 12 of our favorite items that will pretty up your countertops while not breaking the bank.

First up, soap dispensers.

We all need soap (especially now!) next to every sink basin, but the containers aren’t always lovely to look at. We’ve all seen the plethora of soap dispensers at our local home stores. Many of them will do the job, but why not take a slightly more elevated, unexpected route. Oil decanters, like 1 and 4, are a beautiful solution for dish soap that looks great left out on the counter. I am a huge fan of the copper spouts and the organic look of option 1! Just remember to pay attention to the color of your soap if you choose anything clear. Neon green and orange might not complement your room's color palette.

Hand soap in a pretty glass container feels so luxurious. I love how the pair in option 3 is two different heights, so it's easier to differentiate between the hand and dish soap. And as a former graphic designer, I'm always a sucker for a pretty, typographic label, like in option 2. It’s worth the one-time splurge. Then just refill with the less expensive stuff as needed!

ADVANCED TIP – For the kitchen, make sure the dish and hand soap dispensers feel visually related.

Bonus points for putting them on a pretty little tray or dish that can also hold your sponges, and/or scrubbers.


Bowls are a great choice for almost anything – fruit, veggies, jewelry, cotton balls, you get the idea.

I'm personally a fan of handmade ceramics and natural materials - I love how they warm up and humanize modern spaces. With so many options out there it’s easy to choose the style that’s right for you! I'm obsessed with option 4's organic shape but modern material. It would add just the right amount of bling and interest to any dresser or countertop.

ADVANCED TIP – If you plan on having a grouping of several bowls, remember to vary the height and scale!


Trays are another great, multi-purpose item that are perfect for decanting. Use them to hold stacks of magazines, keys and small entryway items, or even towels in a powder room. They're kind of a styling workhorse and can go just about anywhere.

Option 3 would look great holding purple garlic and a salt cellar, even a little decanter of olive oil. Put it next to your cooktop or range and have everything you need to start dinner in a pretty little place.

Option 2 is so fresh and fun! It would look great in a bathroom or on a stack of books in the entryway holding your sunnies.

I could honestly post hundreds of additional favorite (and frequently used) decanting items, but I am trying to practice restraint so let's start with 12 for now. How about you? Do you have some go-to clutter-tamers that bring you joy when you walk in your room? We'd love to see them! Tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #ShelterAndStageWithKLH. We (de)can't wait to see your style!

- Stacey Martin (AKA The Freshmaker) is the Interior Design Lead

at KLH Home Staging. Visit her @TheFreshmakerDesign

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