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Day 5 of Shelter and Stage with KLH - Today's Focus: Bathrooms!

It’s Day 5 of Shelter and Stage with KLH! Let’s talk bathrooms!

Just as hotels use white items to reinforce the idea that they are clean, white in the bathroom makes things look fresh and new!

But your bathroom can’t just APPEAR clean... Start by giving it a good scrub! Wash your mirrors, counters, toilet, shower and/or tub thoroughly. If you have windows in your bathroom, give them a good cleaning to allow as much natural light in as possible!

Wash, fold and fluff your white bathroom towels. (Don’t have white? That’s okay! Clean is clean! Try to avoid displaying towels with obvious stains.)

Do you have a colorful shower curtain? Is your shower curtain rod looking a bit rusty? Consider replacing your curtain rod and rings and purchasing a neutral shower curtain... White or blue are safe colors! Texture is encouraged! (Keep yourself and others safe. Practice #socialdistancing and order online!)

If you have a glass shower doors, keep them sparkling clean!

Remove your personal hygiene products from the shower: I’m talking about shampoos, conditioners, body washes, scrubs, face washes, masks, hand soaps, etc. Placing these items in an organized fashion under the sink is totally acceptable! (Remember that potential buyers may open up your closets or cabinets - they’re curious about storage space - so store things away as organized as possible.)

In addition to fresh and clean towels, accessorize bathrooms using just a few items on the counters and in the shower, including greenery, candles and attractive bars of soap or dispensers.

Create a spa-like vibe by adding a teak shower bench or tray, bath salts, sea sponges, lotions or oils. Use what you have and remember: Less is more! Stage items in groups of three with varying heights. (Remember to use attractive bottles of lotions and oils. Products that are half used or the label is torn or worn do not work in your favor.)

Consider a small piece of art, such as a neutral seascape or abstract piece with cool tones.

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Abigail Halal

Project Manager, Home Stager

KLH Home Staging


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